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BizzClub Terms & Conditions

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ZEPTER BizzClub is the hybrid marketplace of the company ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL administered by Zepter International Private Limited Liability Company, operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, registered office address  A. Gostauto str. 40A, LT-03163 Vilnius.

BizzClub is a place for everyone, individuals over 18  and legal entities, whose partners can buy and sell Zepter products as well as refer others to the Club while profiting from each trade.

Membership is free and non-binding and comes with worldwide valid benefits.



Register online at www.zepter.lt or through the Zepter mobile application. Registration can be as well completed offline at any Zepter flagship store and nationwide Zepter offices or through other BizzClub partners. Each person or company is allowed only one registered account.

  1. Buy at up to 50% OFF
The partners can buy Zepter products at the privileged discount foreseen at the given moment depending on the partner status. 
The partner discount is valid for purchases on www.zepter.lt , at all ZEPTER locations worldwide, and when buying from another Zepter partner.
  1. Refer Partners and earn up to 10% Premium

The Referral Premium of up to 10% is rewarded unconditionally on the first purchase of the referred partner. To earn a Referral Premium on each subsequent purchase made by referred partners a conditional sales volume should be achieved.
The Referral Premium is issued when the partner has paid off and received the goods  and has not withdrawn from the contract.

The Referral Premium can only be redeemed in the country of residence of the partner.

The value of cumulative referral premium can be used to purchase ZEPTER products. The corresponding privileged price for partner applies. A minimum payment according to national law may be required.
The referral premium accumulated in a single account cannot be transferred to another member account.

  1. Sell and earn up to 40% Commission
In the event of a sale, the partner is eligible for a sales commission of up to 40% on each transaction value.
Partner is also entitled to a base commission of up to 5% for each sale made by personally referred partners.
The partner account, earned premiums and commissions are non-transferable and cannot be shared or combined with other partner accounts.

The partner bears the full statutory tax liability for the premium and commission received. If required by law, ZEPTER will withhold the legally applicable taxes from the premium and commission.

ZEPTER may require the partner to provide bank details to pay the premiums and/or commissions.
Referral premiums and sales commissions are regulated and calculated according to the applicable `Marketing Plan`.
  1. Enjoy the world of other benefits

Partner also enjoys privileged offers on all other services provided by Zepter: medical services, hotel accommodation, and cultural events. Partners will also receive invitations to medical and scientific seminars and congresses, product presentations and new product launch events, and the latest insights and tips on using Zepter products. The member also receives information about vacancies in the company.



BizzClub partners can promote and sell Zepter products without any restrictions and at any time using the affiliate links of the Zepter e-shop.

For the sale of Zepter goods in e-stores through a personal website or a third-party platform, the partner must have prior, written approval from Zepter.

A website set up and/or managed by a partner may not:

  • Copy and imitate the appearance of official ZEPTER websites;
  • Give the impression that they are the official website of ZEPTER; and/or
  • Use trademarks and trade names of products, services, and programs of the Zepter brand (in the name of the website, in the address of the Internet domain, and in the content of the website)

By joining the BizzClub, a partner is automatically signed up to receive and thus consents to receive from Zepter, partner offers, product information, feedback, and satisfaction surveys as well as other BizzClub-related communication.

A partner may unsubscribe from receiving communication content at any time. In this case, a member will no longer receive emails about personal club status, rewards, or available benefits.


Personal data collected from partners in connection with ZEPTER BizzClub, including but not limited to purchasing behavior, will be used and disclosed by us in accordance with the Zepter Privacy Policy. The partner agrees that such data may be processed by third parties on behalf of ZEPTER and may be disclosed to national or international members of the ZEPTER Group. The ZEPTER data protection declaration under the following link applies https://shop.zepter.lt/en-LT/Rules/Privacy-policy 


The partner is entitled to request the termination of the membership account at any time. Upon termination, the partner loses all accrued benefits, rewards, and partner status.
Any suspicion of abuse may lead to an immediate withdrawal of the partner.
Zepter may, in its sole discretion, modify or waive these Terms without prior notice. The applicable terms and conditions will be published on the website www.zepter.lt 
  1. During promotional offers the Zepter company may, at its own discretion, offer other products from its assortment as a replacement during the validity of the offer.
  2. The sales commission and referral premium is paid according to the internal rules of the Zepter company. The amount is reduced by taxes, contributions, and other admissible costs.

ZEPTER shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences or damages in connection with the ZEPTER BizzClub Program. However, ZEPTER will use its best efforts to ensure that the partner can receive his or her accrued reward in the event of an interruption of the ZEPTER BizzClub Program.



These terms do not limit and are not to be interpreted as limiting, the rights of ZEPTER to take proceedings against the other party in another court of competent jurisdiction. The taking of proceedings in one or more jurisdictions is not intended to preclude the taking of proceedings in another jurisdiction, whether or not those proceedings are concurrent.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions or the ZEPTER BizzClub  Program, you can contact us at the following address: office@zepter.lt .


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