Enriched with fullerene C60 Hyperlight Fluid Fusion Complex provides natural protection against microorganisms and restores the natural harmony of the skin at the cellular level. The mist improves the biophysical properties of the skin and provides year-round protection against UV radiation.

Hyperlight Fluid Fusion reacts through resonance and light fusion with electromagnetism of biomolecules and it aligns covalent and non-covalent hydrogen bonds, bringing the biomolecules into their natural, harmonized state. As an effect, it improves the biophysical characteristics of the skin and the functionality of the basement membrane.

Besides biophysical mode of action, these magic molecules have proven antimicrobial effects in the case of microorganism infections


  • protection from microorganism infections,
  • alleviation of itching and dry skin,
  • rebuilding the skin barrier,
  • boosting skin natural defence,
  • protecting the skin against negative external factors (UV, blue light, etc.),
  • preventing acne breakouts and supporting acne treatment,
  • deep hydration of skin and hair,
  • maintaining oral cavity hygiene,
  • intimate zone care.


Hyperlight Fluid Fusion Subcellular Complex:

  • improves skin moisture and nutrients delivery to the skin to strengthen the intercellular layers,
  • helps repair damage due to environmental factors, regenerates cell structure and prolongs cell life,
  • prevents skin irritation and sensitization,
  • accelerates the healing of superficial skin imperfections.

The product is designed as spray allowing easy application. Spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe the face in order to remove all harmful elements like cleanser residues and chemicals from tap water that may dehydrate the skin. The product can be sprayed onto clean skin every morning and night as well.


When exposed to the sun for long periods of time, your hair will begin to show the signs of UV damage. UV rays can cause dryness, peeling of the cuticle, thinning, and hair breakage. 

With Hyperlight Fluid Fusion, your hair will begin to lock in the moisture, hair breakage will be prevented, and its lustre and shine will improve. 3HFWC penetrates deep into the hair follicle restoring damage from the inside out. 

The spray can be used daily or whenever your hair feels dry and brittle. Spray on the scalp and along the hair strands.


There are more than 700 different species of bacteria that can found in the mouth, and without proper hygiene, they can reach levels that might lead to oral infections and even deadly diseases.

Hyperlight Fluid Fusion Subcellular Complex has strong antibacterial effect so it can be used for maintaining daily oral cavity hygiene. 

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Hyperlight Fluid reduces redness and inflammation of the gums, prevents oral diseases such as gingivitis and removes harmful bacteria and viruses which can affect your body.