How clean is the water you drink? The “purified” tap water that reaches our homes is often full of iron compounds, because the water travels through old corroded underground pipes and all of that rust reaches the water we usually drink and use in the household. Together with Zepter’s water purification systems, the three-way faucet is making for the perfect, economic and healthy water system for your kitchen.

An integral part of the Zepter Clean water system, the three-way technology gives you the possibility to have filtered drinking water or standard mixture of cold/hot tap water, in one easy-to-use system. There is absolutely no mixture of the two water types – independent functions that offer the best solution for any need. Made of high quality brass (CW719), and having the double chrome-nickel layer, makes the faucets highly resistant to corrosion.

The TüV Rheinland Safety Mark, the Hygienic certificate, the engraved Zepter logo and the 5 year warranty are the guarantee of a top quality product that will provide precious health benefits for you and your family for many years to come.